Welcome to home of Sofor's Open Source CentOS 5.x, 64-bit RPM repository.
This is where you find out our RPM's for a different services we run at Sofor.

Complete list what we support is:

Install to /etc/yum.repos.d/ this repository file: Sofor-koodi.repo.

All our RPM files has a reference to Sofor's GPG key, import it during RPM packet's install phase or by hand with command: rpm --import

Our GPG key details are:
Key: 950235E6 - Sofor Support <>
Fingerprint: DC3C 513A FABE 8594 683D 0011 0452 9618 9502 35E6

RPM Repository: CentOS 5, 64-bit
SRPMS are alse there:

Gammu is not (yet) in our repository, meanwhile download RPMs from this directory: and install from commandline.
They do require newer libusb (in our repository) also they are not signed with Sofor's GPG key.

Maintainers here at Sofor: